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Search Engine Secrets - Get Top Listings On Google & Yahoo!

by Jody Nesbitt

Let me show you How to Get Top Listings for every page of your site and Rank No. 1 for all of your Keywords in the Search Engines - Guaranteed.

Did you believe this? If your like me youíve probably seen a million pages and emails like this that claim they can work miracles for you in all the search engines. They claim everything from having inside information or special relationships with Google and all the search engines.

The simple Truth is this: No one can guarantŽe top listings on any search engine, in fact, no one can even guarantŽe that youíll ever be listed. So beware of big claims and unethical SEO firms as there are many out there.

So how do you get top listings in the major search engines. Let me try to answer that as simply as I can without thoroughly confusing you. CONTENT - yes thatís rightÖ content is still kingÖ the more you try to fool search engines the more damage youíll do to your rankings. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter and they have seen every trick in the book done by every unethical SEO/SEM firm and spammer out there. So donít fall prey to the hype and false claims.

Hereís the big Search Engine Secret

Well Written and Related Content, Relevant Page Titles and Meta-tag Descriptions. So there you have it, the secrŽt is outÖ if anyone tries to tell you different or convince you otherwise - put away your checkbook and run. Yes, there are other things you can do to help your rankings using the 3 items above and a few more.

How to Improve Your Chances in the Search Engines Rankings:

Know your top keywords.. Use Yahooís Keyword Tool or Googleís Sandbox to find what users are actually typing into the search engines to find sites like yours. Once you have all your top keywords - donít lŲse themÖ you will use these over and over and over again.

Use your top keywords in the content of your pages, in your page titles and in your metaa-tag descriptions. I donít mean to use pages that are filled with nothing but keywords - use them in Real Sentences. Pages that are nothing but keywords will hurt you in the search engines, this is called keyword stuffing and will hurt your rankings or worse yet, get your site delisted or banned from the search engines. Simply take your current site content and use your top keywords in appropriate places where they make sense in real sentences.

Donít over use keywords or try to use too many on one single page. Having your main keyword in the title, the description and a couple times in the page content is usually sufficient. Do this for every page of your site optimizing it for the subject of that particular page using the relevant keywords from your research. I see so many sites with the same Title and Meta Descriptions on every page. Make sure yours are different.

Get as many high value links as possible. Best way to determine High Value links is to install the Google Toolbar and use Googleís Page Rank to determine link value. You can also use our PR Tool. The higher the rank the better. You may have to pay for links on PR7 or higher sites - but donít pay too much. You can also use Alexa Traffic Rank or their toolbar. The more High Value links you have, the better your Search Engine Popularity will be.

Install Link Exchange SoftwareÖ but be selective about the link exchanges you approve.

Add value added relevant content to your site, such as articles, news, blogs or tools related to your business or industry. This will increase your search engine saturation. A site with 100 pages of good quality content has much a better chance of being found than a site with only 10 pages.

Use Google XML Site Maps or find a company that will create one for you.

Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map is largŽr than 100 or so links, break the site map into separate pages.

Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. Search Engines do not recognize text contained in images or flash content. If you must use images, then always use the Alt tag to describe the link.

ChŽck for broken links and correct HTML.

If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a ď?Ē character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few. Donít use ď&id=Ē as a parameter in your URLs, since Google does not include these pages.

Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100).

Make use of the robots.txt file on your web server. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled. Make sure itís current for your site so that you donít accidentally block the spiders from content you want included.

Understand the difference between a Search Engine and a Directory. A Search engine uses spidering technology and will search the web for new sites. Directories will not seek you out and you will have to tell them about your new site manually.

Revisit your keywords on a regular basis. There are a 1000 way to search for the same thing, search patterns change from time to time. Youíll want to keep up with those changes.

Submit your site to the search engines, if it has nevŽr been submitted or you are not listed in that particular engine. Most search engines still have a frŽe submit for the ďNatural ListingsĒ, yet they may not be easy to find. You can find Googleís ADD URL at:

Submit your site to Directories including Yahoo! and DMOZ. DMOZ is the Open Directory Project and is used to power thousands of other sites and directories - Inclusion in this directory gets you links in 1000ís of other sites. DMOZ is also the directory Google uses ( What Not To Do

Donít Use hidden text or links.

Donít Use doorway or gateway pages.

Donít Use pages that redirect users to other places. ó Donít use any type of cloaking technology - no matter how great it sounds. It might work for a short time - but you will get caught.

Donít use Flash content for important information. Flash is an application that is completely invisible to most search engines. Flash is good for animations and other page elements - not for an entire site unless you also have an html version.

Donít Use misleading or overly repeated words.

Donít Use Bait & Switch tacticsÖ they donít work.

Donít Use Duplicate sites or pages.

Stay away from Free-For-All or Link Farm schemes because these will only hurt you.

There are many things that affect your rankings other than just the content on your pages, so DONíT obsess about being Number 1 - you may nevŽr get there no matter what you do. Your time is better spent operating your business in areas you have more control over.

Following the above guidelines will get you the best results your site can achieve. Thatís not to say that there is not more you can do - but these are the main items that will affect your rankings in the SERPís (Search Engine Result Pages). The internet is a huge place and technology changes all the time - so do the search engines - a site that is Number 1 today might be #1001 tomorrow.

You can try to do all this yourself or you can hire a company that specializes in SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing), however beware, there are many that will separate you from your monŽy quickly and leave you with little to no results. We suggest you take some advice from Google concerning selecting an SEO firm for your company.

Above all else - remember this - There are NO GUARANTEES in any type of marketing campaigns, be it on the web, in print, on television or radio. So spend prudently and select your Marketing firm wisely!

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Web design and development company in Kettering, Northants, UK, web creativity and hosting for business solutions

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