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Link Exchanges

by Martin Lemieux

Link Exchanges
What can they do for your business! ( Part 1 )

By: Martin R. Lemieux

For those of you who don't know the definition:
Link Exchanges are 2 links back and forth between 2
individual companies that have linked to each other.

What is the purpose?
To build "link popularity" within Search Engines!

How Does That Work?
Well when someone types in your business within
search engines, you will get 2 types of results.

1) Your optimized site & related topics listed
by you into the search engines.
2) All the links back to you from other sites
listed within the search engines.

Number 2 is the important one for this subject:
If your site is NOT "optimized" for great search results,
a popular link could do just the same.

"Optimized" - Look for articles on "Optimizing
your site for search engines"


Well, let's say that 80% of your visitors come from
search engines. And let's say that the search engine
just all of a sudden deleted you out of the engine! You
will still get people coming to your site and searching
your site with great link popularity. All the links back
to you will STILL be listed in the search engines!


Many professionals believe that you should only link
to companies that have related discussions or
information as your own! Me, always being the
impartial one, I still try promoting link exchanges from
all walks of life! You never know who will see your link
and where!

It's not only good for search engines! Huh?

That's right, many link exchanges come from privately
owned businesses, probably like yours. With this into
account, once a visitor is satisfied with browsing the site,
they may look for other resources! If you have links to
your site all over the net, there's more of a chance some
people will see it and visit your site!

Please Note: When giving other companies your
description of your link (Company Title) please make
sure to be specific on your sites information!

Here's an example of our text link:

Title: Smartads.Info : Advertising, Marketing
Resources & Web Design

Smartads :: Learn everything about
Link Exchanges, Search Engines Submissions,
Advertising & Marketing Tips, Web Design,
Special Canadian Sites. Promotion &
Traffic Resources

That's it!

Here are a couple of companies that promote link
exchanges between all kinds of other companies:


These are just some examples.
They are not listed here as the best there is, just some
of the many companies out there!

If your searching for companies to exchange links with,
here's a couple of things to look for!

1. Look for buttons or links that say this:

- Links
- Link To Us
- Reciprocal Links
- Link Exchange
- Directory (add your site and link back)
- Resources

2. When looking through other link programs,
make sure they say something like this: "Link to us
and well link to you" Many sites often only have
"Help us promote our site, link to us!" and they
don't even link to you!

Not to say this is a bad thing, but if i'm going to
link to you, the least you can do is link to me!

I hope this article has opened your mind
about Link Exchanges!

About The Author:

Martin Lemieux
Smartads - President

Affordable Web Design & Web Site Marketing &

Martin's Weekly Marketing Tips:
Daily Web Marketing Tips:
Entrepreneur Help Site:


Article Source: Reprint Rights: You may download a copy of this article here: ... and use it within your website or newsletter. Everything must remain the way it was intended
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