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Google Flags On Link Exchange Speed.

by Nickolay Bokhonok

Internet marketing specialists of DesktopMoney Ltd have been carrying out the testing on the factors that are important for Google in estimating and ranking web sites that do link exchange with other sites.

Among such well announced factors as relevancy and credibility of sites-partners, the link building practice carried out by DesktopMoney Ltd team proves that speed of link building is one of the factors that can either boost or ruin the ranks of a web site. Especially the speed of link exchange is becoming an important factor is ranking when the brand new site is taken under consideration.

The value of speed factor became important, because today professional solutions allow fully automating the process of finding relevant link partners, real trusted web sites, and get links on these sites quite quickly; depending upon the niche this speed can reach hundreds of links on relevant sites daily. Certainly, as the level of automation in link building has reached such immense level, only the greediness and reasonability remain as factors that can restrain too passionate site owner from getting thousands of good links quickly.

However, the link building experience shows that Google has introduced the greedy-proof factor for too passionate link builders. If a brand new web site grows with too much link partners (even relevant link partners) within a short interval of time, this automatically triggers a red flag for Google, and consequently this search engine becomes more suspicious about the behaviour of this site which can affect proper ranking of the site, even despite a big number of quality backlinks.

The speed factor was also partially confirmed by Matt Cutts on his personal blog when Matt describing one case said that due to big link migration Google's flag was triggered and this flag had to be manually removen.

The link building experience of DesktopMoney Ltd team shows that staying under 100 links per week with professional link exchange automating solutions is more than safe, because this is a normal manual speed of handling the links. Surely, all other factors like relevancy and credibility of potential sites-partners remain critical too. Still the speed of 100 links per week is an approximate number, because Google may change this factor in future. However, lowering the speed of link building would stop all online business from link exchange which is natural and normal of doing online business in the net.

Research was done on the technological basis of automatic reciprocal link exchange script (software).
Nickolay Bokhonok - inventor and owner of Internet marketing tools. Recent tool from Nick - Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Script (Software).
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