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7 Traits Of Product Being Popular And How To Fight It.

by Nickolay Bokhonok

In this article I am mostly relying on my personal experience of creating scripts and tools (my latest link exchange script in particular), that is why the popularity traits that I am going to mention are focused on this type of products. Still, I think these traits go really nice not only with scripts, but other types of products as well.

So, you can be sure that your product is really popular if:

1. You see others swapping something to get your script.

If on any forum you see the message saying "I'll swap (or trade) my product/info/membership/etc. for *this product*" - well, you can start opening your celebration bottle of wine. If others are ready to give away something valuable in return for your product, then you have stepped on the road of success.

Don't fight it. Let people get your product. In any case they will need support and only YOU can give them support. This is where you'll convert them to YOUR clients.

2. You get inside hackers' list of cracks.

There are services that promise they can steal any product and give it to you for a cheaper price. If you got to the lists of items that they are offering - it means others are asking them too often about your product, and they had to put you to top list of their hacks.

Don't be scared by hackers. They can't hack everything. And if you want to kill their business, make a free version of your product - no one will pay hackers if people can legally get your product (with your support) for free. Hackers are not volunteers, they like to get paid. If they see you have a free version, they will not waste the time on it.

3. Someone tries to sell your script on eBay.

Well, this planet is full of crappy-minded people. They will always try to make money circumventing the owner.

The solution is simple. Make free version of your product and make "witty Ebay sellers" look like idiots.

4. You see your product as 'not another...'

This is a good trait. If you see that someone tries to sell the product in your niche, mentioning "It's not another ", it means this person agrees that your product is very popular. Because using the name of your product definitely catches the attention of people, and they know about it.

Don't fight it. Only the quality of your product can prove that yours is better. So, focus on quality, don't bark back.

5. Your competitors prove they are better.

If you see that your competitors are doing all possible to prove their product is better - this is very good. Especially when you see your product in their 'comparison lists'.

The same advice - don't fight it; focus on quality. Make sure that when people get to your site they see that your product in head over shoulders above your competitors.

6. JVers are running after you.

No longer you are jumping out of pants to get a JVer. Now they send you emails, showing the advantage of doing a JV with them. They give exclusive commissions, they offer you customized approach, they suggest sign interview with them.

Well, that's great. But don't be too greedy. Pick only those JVers that can bring targeted traffic for your product. Surely you don't want to harass unmotivated people by getting your product. This can create negative emotions about your product and you.

7. Someone tries to junk your site (DDoS attacks and spam "from" your site).

If you are a real pain for your competitors - stay alert: some of them can decide to use black techniques to junk your site. They can make DDoS attack to make your site unavailable (more about DDos here Or they can try to send spam from your site, for your site to get listed into as much blacklists and possible.

Well, choose good hosting company. Don't play with hosting resellers. In case of any problems they will have to contact the support of the mother company. Better pay more for hosting, but this will escape you from much pain in the long run.


Well, if you are familiar with all these traits from your personal experience - congratulations! The net loves you. You are popular!

Go on, squeeze the best of this success. And now that you made money, don't forget - being rich does not make better than others. You just have bigger opportunities and freedom. Use them wisely.
Nickolay Bokhonok - inventor and owner of Internet marketing tools. Recent link building script from Nick - Free Automatic Link Exchange Script (Software)
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