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Free Automatic Reciprocal
Link Exchange Software

Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic
With Unique
Partner Finding Algorithm
Integrated Into
SEO Powerful Automatic
Reciprocal Link Exchange Software

Why do you as web site owner need Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Software? The answer is simple.

When you create new web site in any niche, you face one BIG problem. It's not your design, not your hosting, not shopping cart or affiliate program software. This problem is how to get targeted traffic for your web site. The Internet is packed with tons of fantastic solutions that promise to handle this problem for you: different submitters, million times re-written ebooks, traffic exchanges, primitive list builders - those who tried them know that they don't give any positive effect.

Now you have a real way to use the method that proved its effect over years in bringing free targeted search engine traffic. No magic pills, no cheating, no spamming - 100% legal way to receive traffic for your web sites in any niche and do that automatically. And the best part of it - you DO NOT NEED TO PAY a single cent! Under my blessing my team of programmers created professional tool that automatically shortcuts you to real targeted traffic - this tool is Auto Link Exchanger.

And You Can Use Auto Link Exchanger @ ZERO Cost

Get Free Automatic Link Exchange Software

Look what Famous Internet Marketer says
about Auto Link Exchanger...

Michael T. Glaspie - Mike G
by Michael T. Glaspie
("Mike G")

Net marketers call me their
"Secret Weapon"


In today's fiercely competitive environment... you need, no, you must have, every advantage at your disposal to win big. This software automatically, effortlessly, taps in to a huge strategy that up until now has only been employed by the most talented & technically gifted search engine experts.

Now you can compete head on with the net's savviest marketers!

Mike Glaspie Sign
Mike T. Glaspie "Mike G"

In reality there are only two ways to get targeted traffic: either you buy it via different advertising programs (AdWords, Overture, ExactSeek, PPC, etc.) or you reach top positions with your web sites and search engines send you targeted traffic for free. All Internet marketers know that search engine traffic is the best traffic in the Internet, because millions of people are searching, and if your web site can give them what they are looking for - you get sales.

But how can one push the web site to the top when everyone uses the same search engine optimization strategies? The answer is simple: use methods that others don't know about and cannot use.

People usually worry how to reach top positions in the niches where top web sites have thousands of links that point to them from other web sites. But those who know how to properly use specific elements of link exchange understand that it is absolutely not necessary to beat the competitor with a bigger number of links. One quality and reputable link partner is sometimes worth hundreds of links.

Dirk Wagner
Hi Nick,

Wow you didn't promise too much with your new ALE.
I run several other automed reciprocal linking scripts on my websites but yours has beaten them all in handling, finding new linking partners and customization.

When I tested ALE the first time I found out that I have had 4 times more linking partners in shortest time compared with my other websites running already for years.

Great job my friend,
Dirk Wagner

Using Auto Link Exchanger advanced algorithm that finds you quality link partners and through implementing the effective shortcut strategy that is disclosed in Auto Link Exchanger documentation, your web sites will become a dangerous competitor in every niche.

Plus link exchanging has never been so easy and convenient, because Auto Link Exchanger has automated all the job that has been done with hands before.

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