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The programming core of Auto Link Exchanger is built around professional link exchange directory script/software. However we saw a huge field for improvements to make a traditional link exchange directory come into agreement with the latest standards provided by major search engines. That's why we did the best to integrate as much improvements as possible for Auto Link Exchanger to give you a real help in better ranking with search engines and getting targeted traffic from them.

NOTE: Free Auto Link Exchanger has some of the features limited or disabled. The list below provides the full scale of most important features that Pro version of Auto Link Exchanger gives to its users. You will receive the right to upgrade to Pro version only after you register for a free version and get inside Auto Link Exchanger membership.

Auto Link Exchanger

Explore the Features Below to See Why
Auto Link Exchanger Makes You a Very Dangerous Competitor
in Any Niche.

  • With Auto Link Exchanger you will easily create a professional, searchable and highly functional directory for automatic link exchange on any of your sites. Very fast.
  • In your link exchange directory you can make unlimited number of categories and subcategories.
  • All directory pages created by Auto Link Exchanger are static and SEO optimized.
  • Those who do not want spending time on manual creation of directory with its categories, titles, descriptions and keywords can use the feature of creating link directory by default. This directory has 30 most popular categories that reflect different aspects of human activity and go together with titles, descriptions and keywords.
  • On the page of each category and subcategory you can put any unique content with the help of WYSIWYG or HTML editor that is integrated in Auto Link Exchanger. This turns all pages of your link exchange directory into content rich pages that are so loved and ranked by search engines.
  • On the pages of your directory you can choose to automatically place the block of daily updated news that are relevant to the keywords of your categories and subcategories. Imagine turning all your category and subcategory pages into real content pages that attract targeted traffic from search engines.
  • Using WYSIWYG or HTML editor of templates you can customize your link exchange directory to fully fit the design of any web sites you have.
  • You can use two modes of work with Auto Link Exchanger: automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Auto Link Exchanger can find unlimited number of sites that wait for link exchanging with you.
  • With fully automatic link exchange mode Auto Link Exchanger is using its integrated base of sites-partners that are waiting to exchange links with new relevant web sites. On this moment the base has over 7,300 sites-partners in it, and this number increases every day.
  • With semi-automatic link exchange mode Auto Link Exchanger searches partners both in the base and in the Internet.
  • Another feature of semi-automatic search is finding link partners by categories. User can submit keywords and Auto Link Exchanger finds web sites that have these keywords in category names in link directories of the web sites in the base.
  • Auto Link Exchanger automatically checks Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank of your potential link exchange partners.
  • Auto Link Exchanger can automatically notify all your link partners during link exchanging. You will be able to edit the messages sent to them using letter templates.
  • You can use various macroses when editing the templates of the letters.
  • Using special mail broadcaster that is also integrated into Auto Link Exchanger you can send any email to the owners of sites-partners. Plus Auto Link Exchanger runs history of sent emails so that you could track all your correspondence.
  • Auto Link Exchanger automatically checks if your links are still on the sites of your link partners. If links disappeared, Auto Link Exchanger will notify your partners and will inform you about this.
  • You can submit ban keywords for topics that you wish to avoid during link exchange. Auto Link Exchanger will not allow these sites to exchange links with you and venture the reputation of your sites.
  • You can also find partners among other sites that are using Auto Link Exchanger or other scripts of automated link exchange directories.
  • You can create unlimited number of Link Anchors for link exchange. This will help you to reach higher positions in search engines not only on your major keyword but also on your neighbor keywords.
  • At any time you can add, disable, enable or delete any site-partner in your directory.
  • Auto Link Exchanger helps to check the position of your site in top search engines on the keywords you need.
  • Auto Link Exchanger automatically creates RSS file that is updated when any new web site is added to your link exchange directory. With the help of this RSS file search engines will immediately 'learn' that your directory got new content and the bots will be rushing to update your site.
  • On the main/index page of your site you can put the links to the categories and subcategories of your link exchange directory. And you can use special settings to setup how they will look.
  • On the same main/index page of your web site you can place the block of Recently Added Links and setup the way this block will look.
  • Plus I integrated the possibility to earn solid extra profits from automatic placing of affiliate link or banner on all pages of your link exchange directory.
  • NEW - Possibility to automatically import links to Auto Link Exchanger directory from old link exchange directories on your web site.
  • NEW - Possibility to customize the style and looks of the block with category links that are added by Auto Link Exchanger on index page of your site (to increase link exchange conversions).
  • NEW - Regular update of Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of your link partners inside link exchange directory.

Of course, this list of features is not full - only the most important are mentioned here. Plus our clients know that we never stop improving Auto Link Exchanger and some of the improvements that are already integrated into the tool were suggested by our users. That is why if you have any ideas how to make your Auto Link Exchanger experience better and more convenient, feel free to send your suggestions to our team and in one of the upcoming updates these suggestions will come live.

And NOW - See Auto Link Exchanger in Real Action

You can view video that shows Auto Link Exchanger admin interface and how easily link building can be made.
Click the link below to see this video:

Video Tutorial

Click link below to see index page of link exchange directory created and managed by Auto Link Exchanger on this web site:

Link Exchange Directory

You can also see the categories of link exchange directory
by clicking one of category links below:

And if you want, you can even add your link to Auto Link Exchanger link exchange directory. Approved link will get published with other recently added links on index page of our web site which is very effective for your web site ranking with search engines. Click the link below to add your link:

Suggest Your Link

Using Auto Link Exchanger you can also add Recently Added Links Block to index page or to any other page of your web sites.
You can see the example of Recently Added Links Block below:

Auto Link Exchanger Hosting Requirements:

Script Type:

PHP Server Side Scripting

Operating System:

UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD or likewise

Web Server:


PHP Version:

PHP 4 or more

PHP Configuration:

Safe_Mode = OFF
Allow_Url_Fopen = ON
cURL PHP library is required


MySQL 3 and 4

Zend Optimizer installed (better latest version)

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