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 Email Server Software - Postmaster Email server enhances email efficiency. Want to send and receive email from any node on LAN? Use Postmaster software!
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 Project Perfect - Project Perfect provides white papers on project management topics, as well as selling Project Management software to manage risks, issues, scope, QA etc. They also provide consulting services and project management assessment via email survey
   Alexa's Traffic Rank: 5

 Click Fraud - provides you click fraud tracking software, detect fraud clicks, prevent from fraud clicks & gives you click fraud alerts and make you able to claim refund for fraud clicks.
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 Anonymous Internet Surfing, Anonymous Web Browsing, Internet Explorer History Eraser, and Netscape History Eraser Software List - The most complete and comprehensive description of privacy software on the internet!
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 Outsourcing Software Development - How to hire software development programmers for your business projects. Offers success tips and mistakes to avoid.
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 Anti Spyware Software Reviews - Rate and compare the top Anti Spyware Products available.
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 Dating Software for your OnlineDating Business! - Open Your own profitable online dating business with our Professional Online Dating Software!
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 Spyware cleaner - NoAdware application helps prevent infections from the Internet such as adware and malware. Use the scanner to verify if your PC is infected or not. Free updates and trial of the application.
   Alexa's Traffic Rank: 2

 Software testing discussion forum - A well classified resource for Software testing and Discussion Forum
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 Offshore Outsourcing: A growing practice - It provides latest updates happening in the outsourcing world, it provides latest news and new technologies entering outsourcing world, it also deals with offshore software development and the updates around the world, it also provides outsourcing statistical analysis, also deals with outsourcing seo services.
   Alexa's Traffic Rank: 3

Latest Link Exchange News:
11 in China Sentenced for Software Piracy (PC World)
Eleven members of a Chinese software piracy syndicate are sentenced to prison.

Hybrid Software Development: Producing Results (Linux World)
With a global recession potentially looming, software development managers are being asked to slash resource budgets in 2009 while maintaining schedules. When you need to deliver more features with fewer coding resources, there is only one answer: hybrid development. Hybrid software development involves the combination of internally developed code with external code from vendors, partners, and, ...

Outdated Security Software Threatens Web Commerce (New York Times)
A team of U.S. and European computer security researchers have used a cluster of several hundred Sony PlayStation 3 video-game machines to exploit a basic weakness in the software system used to protect commercial transactions made via the Internet.

Monster Hunter, Nintendo Top Japan's 2008 Bestselling Software (Gamasutra)
Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, an action RPG for the PlayStation Portable, is 2008's top-selling game across all platforms in Japan, moving over 2.5 million units since it debuted in August. The game is slated for stateside release in Spring 2009. Nintendo-published titles for both the Nintendo DS and Wii take up eight of Japan's 10 top-selling software spots for this year, and ...

HMI/SCADA Software publishes data from multiple PLCs. (ThomasNet)
Lookout v6.2 integrates with OPC servers, offering one software tool that can communicate with multiple PLCs. Monitoring window displays numbers of current and licensed connections, client computer name, IP address, logon user, connected time, and other information about each connected client. Engineers can monitor connections between server and clients without interruption while using Lookout ...

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