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When you register and receive the free version of Auto Link Exchanger - this gives you access to our membership where (among other advantages) you will get chance to earn affiliate commissions with our affiliate program.

Inside your Auto Link Exchanger area you will find all necessary advertising materials that you can share with your bases, on forums, newsletters, your opt-in courses. We created everything to make it super easy for you to earn money with our affiliate program. But the biggest ace in the sleeve is Auto Link Exchanger itself, because...

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Just think about the potential that is waiting for you to say one word about this opportunity to get professional link exchange script for free. People are paying $100+ for the scripts that are outdated and try to handle link exchange the way it has been done in the previous century. Open the list of features of these tools, then compare these features with what Auto Link Exchanger is giving and try to find anything better, especially at ZERO COST!

All web sites - sites that sell products/services, sites with AdSense business model, other PPC sites, affiliate sites, Google arbitrage sites - need good link partners. The more partners, the better, because this will bring site owners targeted traffic from search engines. These people jump out of pants to promote their sites and get drops of traffic. And most of these people are dying to get good links:

  • they pay monthly fees for link building memberships
  • they buy expensive solutions (and often outdated)
  • they hire SEO companies to build links
  • they send begging emails asking to build links with them

One Word and You Help Them All!

You have unique offer. All you need is mention that they can get a professional link building solution that solves link problem with a new approach. And they don't need to pay a dime. Wow! Affiliating has never been easier!! It's the same to selling oil and gas for $0! You can kill any competitor with Free Auto Link Exchanger as part of your offer.

You can mention this on the forum where you dwell, or in your newsletter, or in the signature of your emails, or distribute for free our educational Link Building course (you will find it inside member area with your affiliate links) and people will rush for the chance to get Auto Link Exchanger for free.

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You will be baiting people for the free version of Auto Link Exchanger. Once they registered for a free version, they automatically get into your downline and out affiliate software remembers it. People use free version, like its power, and very soon understand that Pro version of Auto Link Exchanger can literally open new horizons for all their businesses.

That is why, sooner or later, users of free version will take a wise decision to use the boosted Pro version of Auto Link Exchanger and upgrade their membership. Upgrading costs money - we share part of these profits with you, as a reward for your help to share the buzz about free version.

There are 2 types of upgrades to Pro version, and each will bring you money.

  • One Time Chance upgrade costs $79 - once a person registers for a free version, the user automatically is shown One Time Chance page that offers to upgrade to Pro version with super discount - at only $79.00. Those who close this page will never get a chance to upgrade at One Time Chance price - they will be able to upgrade only for regular price.
  • Regular upgrade price is $197. It is more than $79, but those who miss their chance don't deserve mercy. Plus the value of $197 is more than great, as people who use free version very soon will get addicted to getting the power of Pro version. When those whom you brought for a free version feel they are ready to become Pro, they pay - you get commissions.

So, from $79 or $197 upgrade you get
50% affiliate commissions.

And you don't need to squeeze your members to make upgrades. You just funnel them to the free version. The rest is our job and the job of Auto Link Exchanger.

100% Free and Quick Affiliate Registration.

Can you find a tool that gives you more chances to win with its affiliate program?

Your registration in Auto Link Exchanger affiliate program is very simple. You just sign up for the free version of Auto Link Exchanger and automatically get your affiliate membership inside Auto Link Exchanger member area.

Click the button below to get free version of Auto Link Exchanger and automatically activate affiliate program registration.

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