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Only with Serious Advantages
Your Web Site Can Become
#1 in Major Search Engines

The Best of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Professional Content Building, and Link Popularity Improvement
Automated Into One FREE Solution

Tasting the victory is a great feeling. But getting #1 in your niche with your web site and staying there needs to have serious advantages over all others who sleep and dream about becoming the king of the hill.

Auto Link Exchanger proudly left all others behind in giving you the best advantages possible. If you are not on the top, then you must have been missing...

Real Online Partners.

Most of the link building tools just give you the directory and help to automate some of link exchange processes. Then you are abandoned with the problem to find real, relevant link partners. You send emails, they don't respond - you are in a frustration.

Auto Link Exchanger takes that burden from your shoulders. The tool finds you relevant and super motivated link partners using its advanced partner finding algorithm. These are real partners that will not only exchange links with you, but also will bring you targeted web site traffic and most likely will agree to make a nice JV promotion with you, if you approach them with a really good offer.

Built-In Base of Link Partners.

Just to make it a super link building experience for you Auto Link Exchanger has inside its kangaroo pocket a base with over 6,900 sites-partners that are waiting for relevant link exchange. This is a nice advantage for every web site, the advantage that no one would like missing. Would you?

Content Powered Directory.

Putting your links on simple pages with other 20-30 links is an old-fashioned way of link building. Both your site visitors and search engines don't adore this kind of link pile pages. Search engines see only links and no content on these old-fashioned link pages; and site visitors don't like pages with links only and no other value information around.

Auto Link Exchanger brings your link directory pages to new level with integrated content manager and relevant news content that is automatically taken from reputable news sources. With the help of integrated content manager you can easely turn any link page into real content rich page with unique and interesting materials. This allows you to wrap the links with relevant content and experience better indexing from search engines and glue site visitors to your pages.

With just these content management features Auto Link Exchanger turns into complete web site building tool that will help you to create your web site from a scratch and promote it.

SEO Boosted Pages.

In the today's harsh sea of search engines that are becoming more and more picky in indexing and valuing the pages, your site can lose a lot if link exchange pages aren't properly optimized to fit their increasing standards.

Auto Link Exchanger automatically creates the link pages that are packed with components so loved by search engines. And no matter how many pages your directory will have with time. New pages with new links will appear, and all they will be fitting the standards of search engines.

Intellectual Automation.

Previous attempts to automate link exchange routine in other tools were not successful. Maybe this is because other vendors hurried to start selling their tools, or they focused on other advantages - this is not the point for discussion.

With Auto Link Exchanger the level of automation goes beyond imagination. Jobs on link building, link checking, link processing, page creation, SEO elements integration and tons of other tiny but crucial tasks are done by the tool. Plus you can choose between fully automatic and semi-automatic link building modes which supports absolute freedom in what you plan to do with Auto Link Exchanger.

Smart Monitoring Activity.

Auto Link Exchanger cares not only for your site, but also how this site is presented on other sites and in search engines. Auto Link Exchanger cares and guards all your links on other sites, and if for some reason the link disappears, Auto Link Exchanger reports to the admin of the site to put the link back, otherwise resorts to the actions that you choose in the settings.

Plus, Auto Link Exchanger helps you to track what position your site has in search engines for the keyword or key phrase that you need. Thus you can adequately react to any changes in search engine seas.

Absolutely FREE!

We get many emails where people complain that being the member of link building communities where each site is charged separately. And on monthly basis. "It costs me an arm to pay all that" is a typical complaint that we see on the support when people describe other services.

Isn't it better to pay NOTHING and use the tool on all your sites?

AutoPromotion Concept.

Some of you have business building talents, others are natural born affiliates, and both types will succeed with Auto Link Exchanger. Imagine the power of all your users ticking one box in Auto Link Exchanger settings, and all their link pages will be sending you affiliate sales.

Plus don't forget that you have an exclusive offer - you don't offer some re-written ebook, or an old-fashioned script that already flooded the net, or something too expensive.

You have a terrific promotional offer - FREE Auto Link Exchanger. Put this offer as a catcher to your opt-in list, share it in your forum signature, you have what others are missing - a real value offer.

And how you will earn money from this offer you can read on Auto Link Exchanger Affiliate Program page.

For more advantages you are welcome to contact our support team and get convinced one more time that Auto Link Exchanger gives your web site a serious advantage in the race for leadership.

If your competitor is not using Auto Link Exchanger,
you have a way to become the king of the hill with your web site.

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